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Plumbers Union Local 75

Plumbers Union Local 75

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Meet some of your Union Brothers and Sisters and find out how they got involved in the plumbing trade!

Antonio Balasch


Antonio is currently a 4th year apprentice working at Ideal Mechanical. Before becoming a plumbing apprentice, Antonio was doing residential carpentry. Seeing plumbing systems installed on those job sites and not understanding them piqued his interest and curiosity in this trade. Aside from being part of a union and a profession that requires a license, he is most proud of being part of constructing or remodeling buildings that will be used for schools or businesses like healthcare facilities. Antonio recalls being selected to attend the UA/MCAA Labor Relations Conference as one rewarding experience so far in his career. “Realizing how important our trade and union is to building the country as well as countless families that depend on our members adds a new level of respect and self-worth to the trade." When asked what he likes to do in his free time, Antonio responded, “Spending time with family and friends. I’m big on throwing parties for UFC and boxing events."

Plumbers Local 75 is proud to have Antonio as a member.