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Turning On The Tap
During the Covid-19 safer at home order many buildings were left unoccupied allowing plumbing systems to sit stagnant. Learn the steps that must be taken for a safe re-opening.
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A Proud Past

An Exciting Future

Today, Plumbers Union Local 75 enjoys a reputation of credibility and strength in the building trades. But such a reputation didn’t happen overnight. It was established over a century through the struggles, hard work and foresight of its members.

In 1890, plumbers called an organizational meeting and sought to petition the American Federation of Labor for affiliation. Their request was granted, resulting in the establishment of Plumbers Union #5145.

As a result of its tradition of compassion and dedication, Local 75 has grown to a current membership of approximately 2000.

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Building Wisconsin Featuring Plumbers Local 75 Historic Preservation of the Germania Building

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