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Plumbers Union Local 75

Plumbers Union Local 75

Spreading the Word

Plumbers Local 75 members actively participate in a variety of career fairs and trade exploration events throughout the Milwaukee and Madison areas, showcasing the industry and the many benefits of this career choice.

Broadening Our Reach

Plumbers Local 75 understands the importance of exposing this trade to a wide and diverse population in order to recruit the BEST, most QUALIFIED candidates. That is why we partner with great organizations, such as WRTP/Big Step, to increase access to and prepare candidates for our apprenticeship.

Plumbers Local 75 also understands that the first step in attracting people to this profession is to help them see themselves in this profession. It's important to showcase our diverse talent in recruitment and outreach efforts.

So, when a group of our women plumbers stepped up with ideas to improve the pathways to this non-traditional career for other women, Plumbers Local 75 was happy to support their efforts: Wisconsin Women in Plumbing (WWIP) was organized. Collaborating with groups like empowHER, participating in hands-on career demonstrations targeted at women and attending networking events like the annual Women Build Nations Conference, they work to not only strengthen the representation of women in the trades, but to expose women to this profession and to normalize women in this trade.

National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week is a nationwide celebration in November that gives businesses, communities and educators the opportunity to showcase their apprenticeship programs and apprentices while providing information to career seekers. Plumbers Local 75 is proud to participate in NAW events throughout the state to demonstrate our support of Registered Apprenticeship.